Stressful factors can have challenging implications on how people live on a day-to-day basis. Emotional care and well-being might be compromised at such moments when stressors become evident.

A key manner by which challenges of a stressful nature might be addressed is through the accessing of a caring and compassionate therapist who is willing to work with you patiently and closely to identify ways by which life could be lived more meaningfully and productively.

Empathy, openness and a keen desire to understand are essential to the relationship one develops with their therapist. I approach such a relationship with a commitment to listening closely to what you have to offer in regards to your personal narrative and history. As your therapist, I take my cues from an understanding of what you expect with regards to your personal needs and how you understand your own emotional health and well-being over the course of our work together.

My commitment is to help you identify those aspects of your life that might be experienced as challenging and provide you with the space to be vocal, heard, understood and to have your thoughts and feelings processed.